What is an automatic generator?

A standby generator is a backup electrical system that runs automatically. Immediately following a utility outage, an automatic transfer switch detects the power loss, commands the generator to start, and then transfers the electrical load to the generator.

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Can I install a generator transfer switch myself?

Technically, yes, you can install a generator transfer switch yourself, provided you have the required experience working with electronics and feel comfortable doing so.

How do I install a Generac automatic transfer switch?

Test By Transferring From Utility to Generator Power

  1. Relocate the generator outside.
  2. Male plug into generator, insert.
  3. Connect a female connector to the inlet boxs bottom.
  4. Switch off each circuit breaker in the load center and transfer switch.
  5. Outside, turn on the generator.
  6. Turn on the transfer switchs main circuit breaker.

What is the purpose of the time delay in an ATS?
Time Delays The most common time delay overrides any momentary normal outages that would cause a false engine start and thereby transfer the load. Time delay functionality is a necessary feature for an automatic transfer switch because of false alarm triggers with the normal power source from a utility company.

An emergency generator must have at least two starting options, including hydraulic or pneumatic start and battery start. The hydraulic and automatic start of the generator must be tried out frequently to ensure that the generator is running fine.

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