Are you the primary account holder Xfinity Mobile?

The Primary user role is the account administrator. They have full access to all of the account's features and settings and can create, delete or suspend other Xfinity IDs on their account. Primary users can sign into My Account using their Xfinity ID and password for full access to their account and billing features.

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Can I change the primary account holder on Xfinity?

Changing the Xfinity Internet primary user will automatically update your Xfinity Mobile primary user to that person, and only the account holder can authorize a credit check if one is necessary.

How do I change the account holder in Xfinity?

Following your conversation, youll receive an email with a link to upload your completed forms and any required supporting documents. To make an account change, contact us and tell the agent what kind of change youd like to make. Theyll ask you for some information to help process your request, including your email address.
Can you have two names on Xfinity bill?
Please start a peer-to-peer chat thread with us to request this change; To send a peer-to-peer chat: Make sure you are first signed in, then you will see an icon at the top right of your page. We can add your spouses name as a secondary name, which will appear on the subsequent bill beneath your name.

When the following conditions are satisfied: Both Xfinity Mobile accounts must have a valid payment method on file, and neither account may have a past-due balance, you are able to move an active line, along with its device and phone number, from one Xfinity Mobile account to another.
Can I add an authorized user to my Xfinity Mobile account?
Sign into My Account as the primary user. Click the Users tab at the top of the page. Click Add A New User underneath the list of current users. Choose Manager, Member, or Viewer, then click Continue. Invite a New User to Your Account by Email and/or Text.
How do I remove someone from my Xfinity account?
The user you wish to remove can be found on the Users tab of My Account by clicking the Users tab, then clicking Edit to the right of the users name. Click Remove to permanently delete the ID from your account.
How do I change primary user on Xfinity?
As the main user, log into My Account, select the Users tab, click Edit to the right of the current user role, select the user role youd like the user to have, and then click Save.
How do I change my primary email on Comcast?
Modifying Your Preferred Email Address Open the Xfinity My Account app, select the Account Information page, choose the personal email you want to set as preferred, and then tap (Set as preferred).
How many users can Xfinity have?
Customers of Xfinity TV may stream to a maximum of five simultaneous devices, including Partner Devices, mobile devices (iPad, tablets, phones), and computers, with a total of 45 devices registered on the account.

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Can I share my Comcast account?

Comcast: Members of the family that share the same permanent residence but may reside in different locations from time to time (such as a child in college) may use concurrent streams.

Can you transfer Xfinity service?

You can use Xfinity WiFi Hotspots to stay connected while youre moving, and we can help you transfer your Xfinity services to a new address. just let us know a little about your move at, and well take care of the rest.

How do I cancel a Comcast account when someone dies?

Closing The Account

  1. Visit our page for bereavement support.
  2. After passing the security check, select Permanently Close the Account and upload the suggested documents.
  3. Click Continue after providing details about the deceased and yourself.
  4. You'll be asked when you would like to disconnect services on the account.

How do I change the name on my Comcast email?

Edit Contact Name

  1. Go to My Accounts Users tab.
  2. Click the user for whom you'd like to change the contact name.
  3. Click Edit Name next to the user's name.
  4. Click Save after entering the first and last names.
  5. At the top of the screen, it will say, Name updated successfully.

How do I change my account holder name?

You can also have your name changed on passbooks, cheque books, debit cards, etc. You can change your name for a variety of reasons, such as marriage or a change in spelling, by writing an application to the bank and including the necessary supporting documentation.

Can you transfer Internet to another person?

Other family members, friends, or acquaintances do not have the proper authorization; only the person in charge of the bill has the authority to make this transfer.

How do I add someone to my Xfinity account?

To add a new user, you can invite them by email or text message to create their own Xfinity account.

  1. As the main user, log into My Account.
  2. At the top of the page, select the Users tab.
  3. Under the list of current users, click Add A New User.
  4. Then click Continue after selecting Manager, Member, or Viewer.

Can you change the name on an Xfinity account?

On the Account Information screen, tap on your name, then on the First and Last name fields to change your name. Finally, select Save to save your changes.

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